Dakar Risk is a reckoned risk management solution provider offering a variety of services to clients across Perth and Western Australia. Our approach is systematic and inclusive, designed to analyse, resolve and cover the risks that can stop your business from growing, competing or provide a safe work environment. For our existing and potential clients, we offer the following services across multiple industries like rail, construction, civil engineering, industrial production, mining etc.   

Corporate risk assessment, analysis and control

Insurable risks gap analysis

Controlling risks that hamper business continuity

Strategic and operational risk assessment

Risk profiling: including property loss control

Business interruption issue mitigation

Health and safety risk prevention

Inspection, Assessment and risk management for captive and other self-insured structures

Analysis for claims, risk retentions, stress tests, and advanced risk exposure

Benchmarking programing

Devising plans, strategies and risk transfer methods

Risk Identification & Assessments

Policy and Procedure Development and Review

Incident Investigation, Data Analysis and Reporting

Noise Risk Assessments for industrial and environmental purposes

Accreditation and Maintenance Assistance for WHS, Rail, Quality Assurance & Environment.

Audits & Inspections

Workers Compensations

Trainings and Seminars

Our company specialises in providing training to clients. Backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professional we can conduct online or in-person risk management and control training sessions for

Corporate projects

Construction projects

Civil engineering projects

Industrial and mining tools, equipment, practices and projects

Banking and financial

Cyber security

Environmental and social purposes

These are just some of the things we provide trainings for and we offer customised solutions as we know each client’s requirement is different.

Our team understands the need and wants of clients before devising a training plan and share the schedule for sessions.

Every month we hold around four risk management and control seminars which can be attended by registering and paying a small entry fee. Many of our clients send their representatives to these seminars for education and knowledge transfer. To know more, you can give us a call or email us. We will be glad to share the calendar for the current month’s seminar calendars.

Our seminars and training sessions are usually hosted and led by our senior risk management experts and analysts. For certain topics and sectors, we also invite industry specialists who are honoured as chief guests during the events.

Why Avail Our Services?

Over the years, we have satisfied several clients and gotten rave reviews for our effective, efficient and professional way of conducting business. If you are interested in availing any of our risk assessment, control, mitigation or control services, here are the reasons why we are among the best risk management consultancies in Perth and Western Australia.

We understand risk management is necessary in almost every industry but more in some than others. Therefore, depending on requirements, we provide solutions that are unique for a company and in-tune with the industry it belongs to.

With our services you can increase the probabilities of achieving goals

Availing our risk management, inspection, auditing and other services enables you to be proactive, identify opportunities and remove threats.

By getting risk management handled by professionals you can comply with legal and regulatory requirements for your business

You can significantly reduce financial and resource losses

Our professionals also help employees, contract workers, and others on your payroll to under risks that their field of work is exposed to and provide training to manage them.

With better risk awareness and management you improve governance, boost morale of your team, alter behaviours and patterns and do much more.

Risk management also improves your market reputation because people, stakeholders, potential clients, customers, job seekers know your company cares about removing and managing issues to provide a better work environment.

Social Responsibility

At Dakar Risk, we understand the importance of organisations and charities that work for the betterment of people and communities. They also require assistance with identifying, assessing, and controlling risks but don’t always have the financial resources to hire professionals. Thus every year, our company lends its services to a few local and national organisations or charities. We provide them assistance and conduct training sessions without any cost.

This is our way of giving back to the communities of WA and help good organisations work productively. For rendering these services, our team members volunteer and we also ask independent risk management specialists to help.