Our Story

Dakar Risk was established in the year 2006 by three enthusiastic and passionate people –Richard Placard, Julia Davis and Desmond Cho. From 2006 to 2015, our company was into offering risk management services to only to three industries which were Construction, Civil Engineering and Mining. However, after expanding our team and setting a bigger of in Perth, we started reaching out to clients in several other industries that required risk management consultancies. Today, we have over 500+ clients across Western Australia which include corporates, small businesses and individuals. Our team has over 230 members from experienced risk managers to data analysts who help us provide personalised solutions to our clients.


Company’s Mission

From day one, our company’s mission is to provide top-notch risk management and mitigation services. To achieve this mission, our team works around the clock for clients and always comes up with a customised plan because we know each client is different with unique requirements.

Our aim is to identify and evaluate risk for better prevention and management. With our help hundreds of businesses successfully manage their risks that enable them to enhance their performance, increase productivity and contest with competitors effectively.

Company’s Vision

Currently our company provides its services to clients in Perth and other regions of Western Australia. Our aim is to expand our reach beyond WA and cater to the risk management requirements of clients in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane among others. Until 2015, we only served the mining, construction and civil engineering industries. But, we expanded our team and with more resources started catering to other industries as well. Like we grew in the past and achieved our goals, we wish to keep developing. We are hard at work to make our vision a reality and set new aims after reaching the current ones.

Company’s Focus

Besides providing excellent services and providing versatile risk management services to our clients, we focus on the following things as well.

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    Our primary focus and drive is to create systems and processes that are administratively sound, functional and comprehensible to those who work with them thus ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental compliance and systems delivery.

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    We strive for perfection because there is no scope for error while controlling risks. If our services are not rendered perfectly then our clients can suffer financial loss or face other problems like compromised workplace or field work safety, inability to compete or grow etc. Therefore, we make sure to provide reliable risk management solutions.

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    In addition, we also focus on the well-being and satisfaction of our team because we know happy and healthy people work more productively and have better motivation.

Get In Touch With Us

If you are interested in finding more about identifying, analysing and managing risks, feel free to get in touch with us. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You can schedule a meeting and visit us. Alternatively, you can email, send a letter or give us a call during business hours to correspond with our representatives!