Be Prepared And Protected At All Times

For a fool proof business being proactive is necessary to mitigate risks

There is a possibility of a risk in every organisation. These can be economical, occupational, operational and can affect a company’s productivity and functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to asses these risks and identify and manage them before they obstruct and hinder a company’s growth and prevent employers from providing a secure workplace for their employees and their safety.

We at Dakar Risk can help you minimise, monitor and control potential risks. It is crucial because insurance doesn’t cover everything.

Our organisation has trained, dedicated and experienced risk analysts and managers who are always ready for independent audits and also create reports after evaluating different factor that offer successful planning. Our in-house staff members help companies to manage their mining, resource and power while offering customised and reliable solutions. We can help you take necessary steps that can help us create a risk-free environment is our topmost priority. Keeping your workforce motivated and upgrading your processes is what we do and that’s why companies hire us. If you want to know the techniques to manage potential risks, feel free to contact us.

From inception, we have been focusing on delivering top-class risk management and mitigation solutions across Western Australia. To achieve the targeted mission, our highly-trained and dedicated team works around the clock for potential clients and create a customised plan because we know that each client face different risk. At Dakar Risk, we take immense pride in our quality of services, consulting solutions and proven work methodology.

Risk management is necessary for all businesses but some industries need it more. Thus, if your business belongings to Mining, Resources and Energy, Property and Construction, Transport and Distribution, Information Technology and Corporate sectors, then make sure you have a risk management team. We can provide analysis and treatment plans for risks related to financial, economics, cyber, and market reputation. At Dakar Risk, we have a team of adept risk managers who are abreast with the latest technologies, reports, field inspections and more. Thus, you can rely on. As of today, we are catering to a host of organisations and offices across Perth, Western Australia.

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Our Services

Projects Handled & Completed


Happy & Satisfied Clients

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Professional Services

Dakar Risk offers risk management consultancy at affordable prices.

The Upside Of Hiring Risk Management Professionals

Every process, operation and plan of an organisation involves risks which we can manage or mitigate.


afe Workplace

Our services and consultancy enables organisations to provide a safe work environment for employees whether they partake in desk or field work. We assist companies identify, analyse and control current and potential risks that can affect the productivity and safety of their workforces.


User-Friendly System

Gone are the days when manual process for identifying and managing risks was the norm. Today, with modern technology, excellent software and better connectivity, we can manage and control risks for our clients effectively and efficiently.


Industry Expertise

Our risk management professionals have years of experience and expertise of handling and preventing safety, operational, health, cyber and types of risks for different types of industries like Railways, construction, engineering, mining, defence etc.

Who Do We Serve?

Over the years, Dakar Risk has catered to various organisations from different industries.


We pride ourselves at having happy and satisfied clients across WA. Since the company’s establishment, our team of risk analysts has helped several businesses belongings to sectors such as corporate, mining, marine, transport, technology, and much more.

Our company is an independent risk management consultancy based in Perth providing reliable and excellent risk assurance.

At Dakar Risk, we emphasise more on managing the effects of potential risks factors by developing a strategic plan. Our sole objective is to help all types and sizes of businesses evaluate uncertain risk possibilities within the organisations. The focus and strength of any company depends on your risk mitigation strategies. We never fail to impress our client-base and that’s why we are one of the leading companies. Our team focuses on protecting your viability and help you increase the revenues without bearing potential risks. If you are running a business and want to run it successfully, contact our consultant and resolve the issues without a hint of stress.

Create Policies, Procedures And More With Our Help

To effectively control risks, we assist our clients by presenting accurate assessments. Plus, we provide advice for creating safety and risk management policies and procedures along with conducting regular audits and inspections.

We Have Completed Several Projects

With Diligence, Hard Work and Smart Work of Our Team

On Since our company’s incorporation, we have undertaken thousands of projects for risk assessment and provided long-term solutions to our clients.


Our projects included devising safety measures for construct workers, identifying risks at mining sites, taking appropriate actions to prevent cyber risks and much more. Therefore, we have emerged a one-stop destination that offers versatile risk management services in Perth and other regions of Western Australia. So, if you are looking for reliable Risk Analysts in WA, contact us now!

About Us
Industry Experts

Dakar Risk is a reckoned risk valuation and management

We always strive to help our clients know, analyse, resolve and control risks

To effectively manage and mitigate physical and intangible risks, every business has to identify and even predict them. However, without expertise it is difficult which is why taking our assistance is useful. Backed by a team of experienced analysts and industry experts, we can assess the risks and advise clients on how to handle them. We serve as a guide and help companies be prepared for any threats. We also make sure we try to control the risks in every industry as not everything can be insured and it is hard for the company to pay for them. So, if you need any kind of help in controlling the risks in your company and want some critical guidance for management in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia, we can help.

Industries We Serve

Here are the industries we serve in Perth and regions of WA.


We identify risks that can prevent a business from achieving its objectives or gain a competitive edge.



Mining industry requires risk management and controlling more than others considering the dangers.



Like mining, this industry also faces tangible risks that can jeopardise the health of the workforce.



Cyber risks are a major issue and they affect the productivity and success of information technology companies.



Physical risks and workplace safety are major concerns that most clients of construction industry are concerned about.



Managing risk in the defence industry is crucial to avoid unpredictability and compromising of civilian safety.

Our Objects

What We Want

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    Provide high quality services to our existing clients and meet their expectations. Guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction is crucial for us.

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    Help our team members increase their knowledge about various risks that plague different industries and manage them.

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    Expand our business by catering to as many industries and companies as we can in Perth and other regions of Western Australia (WA).

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    Provide the best after service care to our clients to form a loyal base and maintain a good market reputation.

Benefits of Managing Risks For every business identifying and controlling risks is essential for the following reasons.

If you are a business owner or manager, it is crucial you know the problems that affect your company and stop it from achieving growth internally and externally. Additionally, you need to assess existing threats to wellbeing of your workforce.

Taking necessary measures to ensure a risk free environment is crucial to gain success, ensure productivity, keep your workforce motivated, and beat competition. To know more advantages of risk management, get in touch with us now.


Give Us A Call Or Email Us To Learn More About Our Company

Have any queries or questions regarding our services? Please feel free to get in touch with us. Our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Management
Company’s Founders

Richard Placard

Rich has over 20 years of experience as a risk analyst. He is a passionate and determined individual with a knack for risk management.


Julia Davis

Julia also has over 20 years of experience a risk manager and founded the company with the aim to help others.


Desmond Cho

Desmond is a risk mitigation expert with 23 years of experience and specialising in controlling risks in the mining industry.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the best risk management services in Western Australia.

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    Since our company’s incorporation we have catered to the requirements of numerous clients belonging to different industries.

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    Our rates are competitive and you can get great discounts. We believe in giving our services at reasonable prices.

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    We enjoy a good market reputation and are a trusted name in the industry, as we provide excellent services.

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    You can get customised solutions because we know every client and his/her company is unique.