From 2006 to 2015, our company catered to a few industries but with steady growth and expansions, today we cater to a host of sectors. Here is an overview of industries we serve and more information.

Mining, Resources and Energy

These are major sectors in Perth and other regions of Western Australia. They provide employment to thousands of people across WA as there are many mining, power and resources business and companies. These are also high risk sectors that not only face challenges from intangible and tangible factors. To identify, analyse and assess the risks of these industries it is crucial that specialists with knowledge are assigned, which we do.

Our company has several risk analysts and managers, who can manage independent audits, make reports, assess various factors and provide successful plans of actions. Our team helps companies that manage mining, power or resource projects and provides reliable and personalised solutions to them.

Property and Construction

Property and construction are also high risk sectors that we provide our services to. Businesses in these sectors not only have to think about and be prepared for capital risks, financial problems, mergers, structuring and other aspects but also about providing a safe working environment for their workers on the field. Many companies contact us to train their employees to identify and control on-location risks which can affect their physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are looking for risk aversion and management solutions for property and construction sectors, then we can offer professional assistance. We can help you with compliance, operations, safe work environment and more.

Transport and Distribution

We have extensive experience of managing and mitigating risks for railways and railways service projects. Over the years we have identified, analysed, audited and controlled risks for companies that manage rail installations, equipment formation, servicing and other high risk activities.

In addition, we cater to road and air transport and distribution companies by conducing valuations, forensic accounting, and auditing. We also provide business advisory and taxation consultancy to help our clients prevent risks that can affect their general operations, growth and ability to compete with contemporaries.

This is an important industry that faces several risks and if your business belongs to any of these sectors then feel free to contact us any time. We guarantee to provide excellent insights and help prevent risks before they become a problem for your company, its stakeholders and clients.


Technological advancements have been rapid in the last few decades, which is why the risks have increased as well. The need for cyber security is at an all-time high and when a company is ill-prepared for a hack job or breach, it is a major risk. Technology companies also have to mitigate risks to be relevant, maintain productivity, financial reporting, auditing and much more.

Therefore, during our expansion in 2015, we hired risk analysts and managers from technology industry to cater to clients in this sector. Today, we have many loyal clients with IT products and service companies in Perth and other regions of Western Australia.


We started offering enterprise risk management services in the last two years and slowly we have amassed a group of companies that rely on us to assess and mitigate risks for them. Our services help them keep up with competition, create an armour against market ups and downs, navigate through uncertainties, minimise losses and much more.

Our risk management service for corporate businesses include create plans, going through data, devising strategies, governing current and potential risks, forecasting and more.

Not For Profit

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we provide our risk management consultancy services to non-profit companies and charities across Perth and Western Australia. Our services are given free of cost. So, if you are a member of such an organisation or charity, get in touch with us have a chat and see if we can help.

These are some of the major sectors we provide our services to and if you want to know if we can help your business avoid risks and boost its growth, then call or email us now!